Regularly I am in ADZU from Monday to Saturday. It will be best if you can contact me through the following:

  • Email:
  • YM: spiderye22

2 Responses to “Contact”

  1. marissa Says:

    r u the same ryan elumba who was once my classmate sa BS Com Eng sa wmsu?? i checked the pic. too small to verify. but it looks like ur him. if this is the ryan i once knew, hey! quetal ya.. lol.. nice page. i have yet to learn how to maximize wordpress.. i’l be vsiting this page again. if its not you and you dont know me, sorry. my bad. ignore the message. cyah. –ninagirl. aka marissa capuno-madrazo

  2. seedinteractive Says:

    hello marissa.

    yes, im ryann elumba from wmsu. thanks for visiting my blog. buti naman napadaan ka. 🙂 wala na talaga tayong alumni reunion no?

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