The Truth About the “Kikik” in Zamboanga

This morning, people from school asked me if I have seen the picture of the “Kikik” (Mananangal in Tagalog, a human like being with only an upper body and bat-like wings) which was accordingly shot using a cellphone camera in Zamboanga. Eversince, I never believed such creature exist. Being a non-believer, I looked for a copy of the issue of the Daily Zamboanga Times which they are referring to.


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26 Responses to “The Truth About the “Kikik” in Zamboanga”

  1. bhendz Says:

    “Furthermore, the data extracted from Photoshop indicates that the image was taken on May 8, 2006 at around 11: 16 AM. This is another inconsistency with his report that the image was taken last August 27, 2007.

    Tough Mr. Toribio did not make it certain that the image is a true “kikik”, he presented the report as if it was a fact. Now, where is the journalism responsibility in this? What was the reason why such article was printed on a local daily newspaper? I am going to ask this questions to the publication and I hope that they will reply.

    As for us, we have to be careful in believing in what we see through digital means. Photographs can be easily modified and distributed.

    There are no kikis flying around Zamboanga. But if you’re in doubt, do not forget to bring garlic whenever you leave your house. hehehehe…”

    i agree with you man! if you only knew what photoshop is or how to edit pictures/videos.. . damn this thing is a crap!.. .

    by the way i’ll bow down for the metadata you say.. .
    C-5000Z Olympus Digital Camera.. . hahey

  2. yana0307 Says:

    nyc one sir. 😀

  3. yana0307 Says:

    nice one sir. 😀

  4. Aj Santos Says:

    accdg to my dad, they (kikiks) are also afraid of gunpowder.they never showed up during World War II to rip up the antagonists. 🙂

  5. Betsky Says:

    Haha, ur definitely right buddy! Im a non believer too of this paranormal events, how I wish I can witness one. Perhaps its a desperate move of the publisher to boost their sale. How pitfiul!

  6. partybabe Says:

    it’s pretty obvious that the picture is edited…and hello? a “kikik” in daylight?!! common!

  7. kay Says:

    nice kuya ryannnn =]]

  8. jayr Says:

    Paranormal activities are true but “kikik” I think is not yet established as paranormal..maybe its just a legend or beliefs from our ancestor. But wala namang mangyayari if we believe or not right.I hope na sana before they will publish such news, they will be accountable for reliability becuase there are lot of readers might believe for that information…I reacted to this issue because I love Zamboanga a lot eventhough im not already there…Thank you…and Goodluck s “kikik”. You must believe n other bad guys really exists n lng…Hehehe

  9. Paul marquez Says:

    Thank you.. now i hope people wont stop believing this bull.. its hard to explain to them that its not real especially to old people if your not skilled in the multimedia arts….

  10. Alfred Tan Says:

    TOINK!!!!its obvious nowadays kikik with modern gadgets for them to fly during daylight…i think theyre using SUNBLOCK…I do hope it will now be a lesson for you MR DAN TORIBIO..before you write such article in your news paper make sure it is accurate and concise…MAKALASTIMA KONTIGO BRO……PALTA B GAYOT????YOU DISAPPOINT US…

  11. sevencliff Says:

    dumugo ilong ko sa english nyo sir ahihihi,its so basic,walang kikik,pero mananaggal meron,(manananggal ng puri wakoko)

  12. joseph Says:

    i don’t have idea about that kikik in the newspaper coz i don’t really read newspapers….. but is that article was in the front page?
    i tink if it was in da frontpage, i tink it was only a strategy to caughts people attentions….
    thanks 4 ur research!!!!!!!!!
    bka malapit na sila mabankcrupt….hehehehehe…..
    kung sabihin nila si petr pan un maniniwala pa ako!!!!

  13. seedinteractive Says:

    yes. the article was in the frontpage. maybe they ran out of stories to publish or maybe it’s plain stupidity. 🙂

  14. mejusbet Says:

    the paniki is not true because the paniki will die during morning!!!!!!!!!

  15. Mike Enriquez Says:

    Hi guys:

    Can anyone give a link to the front page of the Zamboanga Times Newspaper where it was published?

    Mas bonito siguro para puede kita mira si paquemodo el write-up. And why the editor in chief permits this type of issue to put on the newspaper? Chene era lastima El Zamboanga Times especialmente con el mga bata que pronto cre na mga estorya como este. The Editor in Chief and the Zamboanga Times Newspaper can tourture the minds of the people especially the children. ” Are they nothing to sell out? What a shame…

  16. seedinteractive Says:

    hi mr. enriquez. hehehe..etu ba el di imbestigador? here is the link to the article regarding the kikik issue.,-kite-or-trick.html

  17. Patrick Says:

    at first, curious ako na basahin ang article na to, kasi takot ako sa mga manananggal.pero ba naman, at daylight, sayu sa buntag! ah grabe na pud na oi, wah bitaw kikik galupad sa buntag! if sa gabii pa nah, naa pa chance na maniwala ako.ang lufet, sobra sa ricemoves (pamugas) ang kikik na yan! hehehe

  18. seedinteractive Says:

    actually, I wanted to ignore the issue. Pero kahit maliwanag pa sa sikat ng araw na hindi talga totoo ang kikik na yan, marami pa rin ang nagtatanong kung totoo. and meron pa ngang mga matatanda na nagsasabi na totoo. Even more, TV stations here in Zamboanga made reports about the issue. It was so funny. hehehe

  19. bhendz Says:

    hmmm… . i never thought that i was the first one to comment in this article.. . i can even multiply them in that pic.. . try to save it and view it in 400-1200 percent.. . noticed that pixelate [i mean that boxes2 compared to the clouds?] on the side of this “KIKIK” it’s pretty obvious that it’s been edited by a .. . no.. i must not put words here.. . what you think is 100% it’s not wrong.. . 🙂

  20. Laughter Says:

    As for us, we have to be careful in believing in what we see through digital means. Photographs can be easily modified and distributed.

    There are no kikis flying around Zamboanga. But if you’re in doubt, do not forget to bring garlic whenever you leave your house. hehehehe…”

    (KiKis? bastos man yan) lumilipad pala ang kiki… kala ko nakadikit na yan..

  21. pahiram Says:

    hello po!

    Sir rye, pashare po ng blog post na ito… meron kasi kaming assignment regarding sensationalism in local print media and this ac\rticle wil really be of help.

    thanks pow

  22. Z3us Says:

    Nice explanation/expose.

    I agree with the others… Manananggals and their kind are pure hogwash and BS.

  23. seedinteractive Says:

    to pahiram. no prob. 🙂 glad to be of help.

  24. oxygene Says:

    social ang kikik na yan!

  25. joyc Says:

    hmm. pgbigyan nyo nlng ang kikik n yan.. gs2 nyng maexpose.. ppnsin ba.. hahahahha

  26. Maximus Says:

    I would like to see a continuation of the topic

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