Online Services for Education

Whew! My schedule is very hectic as usual. Midterm exams just ended and I’m still on the process of checking projects, activities and midterm exams. There are still 2 hands-on midterm exams that are due on Friday. I challenged my students in ITMM 102(Digital Multimedia) and ITMM 211(Digital Imaging and Desktop Publishing) to come up with digital imaging works based on a keyword. I have high hopes in their output as I pressured them to surprise me with what they can do with the skills that they acquired during our classes. hehehe…

During this time of the semester, I always appreciate the help that I get from the online services provided by ADZU. One of the services that I use for my classes is the E-class which is being maintained by Gener Cerna of the ADZU Computer Center.

“MyEclass is a course management system that enables the efficient delivery of high quality online education. With a complete set of easy-to-use teaching and learning tools for course development, course delivery, and course management. Using Content Modules, instructors can integrate online content with a wide range of learning activities, contributing to a more holistic learning experience.

E-class allows me to post my powerpoint presentations, handouts and other related reading materials. It is a good repository of the materials that I use for my class. Students do not need to look for me everytime they need the materials. The service also allows me to post activities online and then students can submit it through the Internet. They can also take quizes online even if they are not in the campus. Most importantly, I can access Eclass whenever and whenever. During my work-related trips, I can track the activities of my students as I usually leave them with something to work on.

In the past, teachers in ADZU fill-out a grade sheet and submit it to the department head for approval. Students viewed their grades on sheets posted on bulletin boards outside the faculty room or get the grade report sheet from the secretary of each college. With the development of the Online Grade System which is integrated in the My ADZU portal, we (teachers) can easily submit our grades for our classes and the department heads and deans can easily approve it. Students can also view their grades over the Internet and thus the discomfort of lining up to get their grades was eliminated.

Being a Center for Development in Information Technology, ADZU tries to bring good IT services to its student which can be at par with what is being provided in the best universities in Manila and even abroad. Hopefully, these services can also be an inspiration to other schools.


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